The Sunday Three 3-4-12

I started the week off reading this excellent piece by Eurogamer’s Simon Parkin about his meeting with the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi. Parkin’s writing style consistently makes me jealous of his talent. Read it, it’s a fun one.

By the end of the conversation, this treasure trove of anecdotes and facts feels almost untouched. Worse, when prompted by the Nintendo rep to bring things to a close with a final question I ask Sakaguchi (50) what he hopes to achieve with his remaining 15-odd years of working life. He pauses a dull pause.

Leigh Alexander returns to her youth and examines the reaction to Chrono Cross. Fans of the original Chrono Trigger largely met the sequel with disgust, Alexander provides her rebuttal.

While Chrono Trigger dealt with the pleasurable brain puzzle of imagining how the world can change with the passage of time, Chrono Cross explores the identity of the individual: What would your world look like if you were the only variable that changed? What would it be like without you in it, what would your house look like if you had died when you were young? Or if you’d never been born at all? If you wore someone else’s face, the face of your enemy?

Play a game with no visuals, and you’ll understand the struggle many blind players have to deal with. Jason Johnson takes a look at audio games and how modern games are becoming more accessible.

Gunfire patters behind me, so I go in that direction. Before I get there, I run into a zombie, who greets me with the typical zombie moan. I turn until the moaning is balanced equally between the left and right cups of my headphones. Then, I shoot into the darkness.